Maggie Bergeron & Company. A Minneapolis modern dance company.

Hear Here! A live music and movement festival

Kaleena Miller & Dean Magraw
Laurie Van Wieran and Nicholas Gaudette
Maggie Bergeron & Emily Greenleaf
Samantha Meryhew and Jacqueline Johnston

July 18, 2015
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Open Rehearsal
7:30 PM Showing and Discussion
$5 reimbursement for parking or bus fare

Lowry Lab Theater
350 Saint Peter Street
Saint Paul, MN 55102

"This activity is funded, in part, by an appropriation from the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the State’s general fund."

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Glass Armonica

A collection of poetry by Rebecca Dunham, movement by Maggie Bergeron & Company and music by Nicholas Gaudette, Presented by Milkweed Editions

Join us for an evening of poetry, movement and music based on Rebecca Dunham’s Glass Armonica, winner of the 2013 Lindquist & Vennum Prize for Poetry. Maggie Bergeron & Company brings to the stage lush, precise movement set to and inspired by Dunham’s poetry and set to a backdrop of visceral live bass performance by Nicholas Gaudette.

"These gracefully exquisite poems navigate brutality, intrepidly seeking its origins and end. 'The body does not discriminate.' writes Rebecca Dunham: the body intermingles weakness and strength. These physically intelligent poems lead toward durable understandings.” –Joan Mackowski

  • April 13, 2014 6:30 PM
  • Bryant Lake Bowl
  • 810 W. Lake Street
  • Minneapolis, MN
Glass Armonica Cover

Leaver's Ball

  • PERFORMED: July 2014 at the Red Eye Theater
  • Dancers: Gabriel Anderson, Emma Barber, Mary Easter, Dustin Haug, Jordan Naegele, Jamie Ryan-Karels, Andrea Zimmerman
  • Musicians: Nicholas Gaudette, Dan Choma, Eric Mayson, Linnea Mohn
  • Lighting and Set Design: Pearl Rea

Leaver's Ball (70:00) raucously explores the rite of passage known as the American Prom.

Leavers Ball poster

The scene is set for a magical night: the gym has been transformed into a fairytale land of wonder and romance with crepe paper and a disco ball. The music begins as the guests arrive, and the photographer begins posing and shooting the teenagers dressed in their finest and bleary-eyed from their transformations. The carnival of scenarios begins...

Thanks to a Jerome Travel and Study Grant, Maggie attended seven different high school proms across the country to gather information about the differences and similarities betwixt and between rural, urban, public and private schools. This production will reflect the cultural phenomenon as it manifests itself across geography, economies and generations.

Join this multi-generational cast for an evening of raucously wild and heartbreakingly honest prom stories that travel from now to then to tomorrow.

"This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through grants from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund."

About MB&Co

Maggie Bergeron & Company creates dance works by connecting engaging, resonant images with intriguing movement. Our work strives to stretch perceptions of the ordinary through contrast and idiosyncratic narrative. We always work in collaboration with dancers, musicians, carpenters, sound designers, and composers and are constantly looking for others to help shape what we do.

Accidentally Waling Through Nothing slideshow
Accidentally Walking Through Nothing

“Accidentally Walking Through Nothing” (12:00) methodically pieces together the idea of faith through the stories we tell ourselves to get through each day.

  • Performed: April 2008 at the Southern Theater as a part of the Shapiro and Smith Dance "Next Steps" concert. Commissioned by Shapiro and Smith Dance.
  • Dancers: Sarah Baumert, Eddie Oroyan, Laura Selle Virtucio
  • Composer: Aaron Sherraden
  • Costumes: Sarah Baumert
link to House Home slideshow

“House/Home” (35:00) explores ideas of our houses/homes as characters through which we must navigate to create our own existences.

  • Performed: July 2007 at the Southern Theatre. Co-Commissioned by the Walker Art Center and the Southern Theater
  • Dancers: Sarah Baumert, Hannah Kramer, Leslie O’Neill, Jamie Ryan, Liz Wawrzonek, and Kandace Gaudette (understudy)
  • Composer: Chris Thomson
  • Set Design: Russell Colliton
  • Costumes: Sarah Baumert
link to A is for Amy slideshow
A Is for Amy, Who Fell Down the Stairs

“A Is for Amy” (35:00) is based on an unfortunate children’s alphabet written and illustrated by Edward Gorey and uses childlike characters to explore the tenuous line between horror and humor.

  • Performed: June 2006 at the Red Eye Theater
  • Dancers: Sarah Baumert, Eric Boone, Nora Jenneman, Leslie O’Neill, Eddie Oroyan, Jamie Ryan, and Liz Wawrzonek
  • Composer: Chris Thomson
link to It is Morning Slideshow
It Is Morning

“It Is Morning” (7:00) is a trio that deconstructs the person/personalities of Grace Marks, the convicted murderess and heroine of Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace as she attempts to remember the unrememberable.

  • Performed: November 2005
  • Dancers: Leslie O’Neill, Eddie Oroyan and Anna Resele
  • Composer: Chris Thomson
absent thumbnail

“Absent” (6:45) is a quartet that creates an erie alternate reality as it explores the petty relationships sometimes developed and nurtured by girls and women.

  • Performed: February 2005
  • Dancers: Sarah Baumert, Eva Mohn, Leslie O’Neill, and Liz Wawrzonek
  • Sound: created by Maggie Bergeron and engineered by Collin Sherraden